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US Military Extreme Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

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This vintage military extreme cold sleeping bag has kept our troops warm in harsh winter conditions and now it’s your turn!

Extreme Cold Weather Sleeping Bag Features

  • Mummy-style in olive gree
  • Approx. Length: 84″ (fits most up to about 6′ 2″)
  • Width: Approx. 30″ at shoulders and 14″ at feet
  • Cotton and nylon oxford outer shell is water-repellent and wind-resistant
  • Down outer filling for optimum warmth down to –40° F.
  • Cotton balloon cloth inner panel with polyester batting to keep you cozy
  • 64″ zipper center front from neck to about 6″ from end of foot
  • 3″ storm flap snaps over zipper*
  • Hood has drawstring and snap fastener to keep in heat
  • Roll up and tie shut for easy carry and packing
  • Carrying bag not included; mattress mentioned in “Instructions for Use” not included

NSN: 8465-01-033-8057
Contract: DLA100-86-C-4305

* While we think it’s a good idea to snap the storm flap over the zipper, the use instructions on the label say to use the zipper or the flap, not both. We suspect that is for combat readiness for emergency exit but can’t confirm.

U.S. Military Extreme Cold Sleeping Bag Label

Instructions for Use

  1. Keep the bag dry:
    1. The outside fabric of the sleeping bag is water repellent and will protect against moisture. SELECT the driest ground and if possible keep the bag out of the rain.
    2. Breathe through face opening to prevent moisture from wetting the bag. If face is cold, reduce face opening by pulling drawstrings at head end. DO NOT TIE DRAWSTRINGS.
    3. DO NOT wear damp clothing and AVOID sweating in bag. If too warm, open slide fastener for ventilation.
    4. Open the bag completely and air thoroughly each day.
    5. Use the mattress under bag to protect from ground moisture.
  2. To keep warm:
    1. The mattress is insulated on one side only, therefore, use only with inflating tube on top side.
    2. FLUFF bag thoroughly before using.
    3. Wear clean dry winter underwear and socks in the bag. Additional dry clothing such as wool shirt and trousers may be worn in the bag for added warmth.
  3. Keep bag CLEAN:
    1. ALWAYS wear sleeping hood in bag.
    2. Brush and clean clothing before entering bag.
    3. Remove dust and grease from sleeping bag by spot-cleaning with a damp cloth and soap.
  4. Slide fastener closure:
    To close bag, keep both sides of the slide fastener close together before pulling webbing loop on slider. For EMERGENCY EXIT, grasp each side of the opening above the slider and spread apart quickly forcing the slider downward.
    NOTE: If chain separates below slider, pull slider down beyond separation, then pull up to reclose chain.
  5. Snap fastener closure:
    Use the snap fastener flap closure ONLY when the slide fastener fails. Close the bag by snapping the male and female parts together. For EMERGENCY EXIT, grasp each side of the opening above the snap and spread apart quickly.
  6. DO NOT smoke in sleeping bag.
  7. Maintenance:
    Repair bag in accordance with D/A TM 10-8400-201-23.

Sleeping Bag, Extreme Cold, w/Hood, w/o Carrying Bag
Tennier Industries, Inc.

Down and Polyester Filled
Launder in accordance with Formula G of D/A FM 10-17

Do Not Dry Clean
Caution—Drying Temperature Must Be Below 130°F

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