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Water Jerry Can (5-gallon)

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Made in USA
New, never used with slight storage wear
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This 5-gallon water jerry can was developed by the U.S. military to store and preserve the quality of drinking water for our troops in any environment. That’s why “Property of the U.S. Government” is emblazoned on it along with its contents — “Water”. How original! The technical term is a ‘Military Water Canister” (MWC) but the troops have called it a ‘Jerry Can’ since  since the Allies reverse engineered it from the Germans in WW2.*

If our armed forces use it out in the field, you can bet it’s tough and gets the job done safer and better than cheap products. There’s nothing more important than water when your survival is at stake. Whether you need one can for weekend camping, or enough for your whole family for emergency preparedness, these versatile water jerry cans are just what you need.

Water Jerry Cans Are Perfect for Emergency Preparedness

  • No foreign flavors, odors or chemicals because you want to drink water, not plastic
  • No spills and no leaks when not in use because the screw-top cap secures tightly
  • Almost spill-proof filling due to its gaping 4″ wide mouth (so no more excuses!)
  • Easy pouring through the small-capped opening with a venting cap
  • Mistake-free single carrying handle ensures you won’t confuse it with your jerry can for fuel in the dark
  • Rugged and durable so it will last a long time with low maintenance
  • Lightweight and stackable for compact storage

5-Gallon Military Water Jerry Can Specs

Size: 13-1/2″ x 6-3/8″ x 18-3/4″ tall
Capacity: 20 liters (5.2 gallons)
Material: HDPE #2 food-grade plastic (BPA-free)
Colors: Olive Drab or Desert Tan
Origin: Made in the USA (Hazlehurst, MS facility)
NSN (Olive Drab): 7240-00-089-3827
NSN (Desert Tan): 7240-01-365-5317
Genuine U.S Government Issue Mil-Spec

*Fun Factoid: “Jerry” was the Allies’ slang for the Germans during WW2.

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