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US Military Scow/Ahkio Sled

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An ahkio sled or scow sled is designed for people to pull heavy cargo over snow. It’s perfect for hauling a tent, food, and other supplies to a hunting site or other remote snow-covered locations. It can also be used as a deer sled or for evacuating someone who is injured or ill.

The heavy canvas tarp protects supplies from weather. The rope and hook system ties down the tarp over the contents so everything stays securely in the sled. Towing the sled is facilitated with a system of U-bolts. The bottom of the sled has rounded sides and three heavy-duty runners so you can easily maneuver your haul over the snow.

Ahkio Sled Specifications

  • Dimensions: 88″ x 24″ x 8″
  • Capacity: 200 lbs
  • Color: White
  • Sled Material: Rigid Plastic
  • Cover Material: Heavy cotton canvas tarp
  • Sled Weight: 38 lbs

Available New or Used:
New Product: New, never used, storage wear, scuffs on the plastic, may have slight canvas stain
Used Product: See last 5 photos for condition.

Packing an Ahkio Sled

“Packing Proper weight distribution is essential when packing the ahkio. Heavy items should be placed in the bottom and slightly to the rear of center. Loading lighter equipment toward the top will prevent the ahkio from becoming top-heavy. The load should be packed in a manner which results in the lowest possible profile, again, to avoid a top heavy condition. If the center of gravity is too high, the sled will be difficult to pull, and will tend to roll over, especially when moving parallel to a slope. Tools such as shovels, axes, saws, and machetes should be packed on the sides or top for easy access when breaking trail or clearing bivouac sites. Once all equipment has been placed into the ahkio, the canvas cover is folded over the load, and the lashing ropes are secured to each other with the lashing hooks, tightened, and secured.” — United States Army Alaska Cold Weather Operations Manual


Towing a Loaded Ahkio

“Towing a loaded ahkio is arduous work; teams must be rotated frequently to prevent soldiers from becoming exhausted, and to prevent them from sweating through their clothing, which may expose them to a cold weather injury. Generally, snowshoes are preferred for soldiers who will have to pull an ahkio over snow-covered terrain, especially if the snow depth exceeds one foot. Ski poles are recommended as an aid to balance.” — United States Army Alaska Cold Weather Operations Manual

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