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US Army Poncho Liner for Wet Weather (aka ‘Woobie’)

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This is a genuine U.S. Army ‘Wet Weather Poncho Liner’. It is lightweight, soft and cozy. So much so that it is affectionately known as a “Woobie” by soldiers and civilians alike.

It was designed to attach to any military rain poncho to use as a sleeping bag or blanket. It is perfect for mild weather and makes a great extra layer in colder weather. A properly attached rain poncho should protect it from the elements but if it does get a little wet, it dries quickly.

Army Poncho Liner Features

  • 100% Ripstop nylon oxford outer shell
  • Quilted with 100% polyester batting
  • Nylon binding around edges for strength
  • Tie strings on corners and sides secure it to rain poncho grommets for extra warmth
  • Woodland camo
  • Approx. 82″ x 62″

US Army Woobie Blanket Uses

  • Everyone’s favorite couch blanket (including the dog)
  • Warm weather sleeping bag
  • Cold weather sleeping bag liner
  • Football game bun warmer
  • Emergency blanket in your vehicle or bug out bag
  • Impromptu sunshade
  • It’s uses are only limited by your imagination!

US Army Poncho Liner Instructions

  1. Spread the poncho flat on the ground, making sure that the hood opening is tightly closed and is on the groundside.
  2. Place liner on poncho, matching the tie laces on liner with the grommets on the poncho and tie together.
  3. If the poncho and liner combination is to be used as a sleeping bag, snap the sides of the poncho together along their entire length and tuck the foot end under to keep the feet from sticking out.
CAUTION: Do not fasten the snap fasteners together when used as a sleeping bag in combat areas; it cannot be opened quickly.
  4. Poncho and liner combination can be used as a wrap-around sleeping bag or as a blanket.
  5. The liner, without the poncho, can be used as a blanket when sleeping under cover or in a jungle hammock.
  6. Keep liner away from open fire and sparks. DO NOT SMOKE in bed when using liner as a blanket or sleeping bag.
  7. When necessary, liner can be hand laundered. Use a mild soap and lukewarm water. Do not boil.
  8. Do not dry clean.

Made in U.S.A. by Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind, Inc.
NSN: 8405-00-889-3683 (DLA100-91-F-EE73

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