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French Military Lister Bag With Stand

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Lister bags are great for disinfecting large amounts of water and dispensing from the same container. Many are hung up from the top but this one is on a stand making it suitable as a wash basin as well.

Lister Bag Features

  • O.D. canvas lister bag is 19.5″ dia. x 31″ tall (collapses to 5″ tall)
  • Matching removable lid fastens with 4 snap buttons
  • Holds 150 liters (approx. 40 gallons)
  • 2 removable plastic liners
  • 4 plastic thread-in spigots on bottom
  • Stamped “Commissariat de l'air, SEMA, 173/71,838 30 031”

Lister Bag Stand Features

  • Adjustable metal legs with beveled ends to secure into ground
  • Stands 53″ tall when fully assembled

Trivia: “Commissariat de l'air” is French for “Air Commission”. “SEMA” probably references the “Société d'Encouragement aux Métiers d'Art” which translates to the “Society for the Promotion of Art Trades”. This is a government utility tasked with promoting the trades of heating, plumbing, painting, mechanics, etc.

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