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Bulgarian Military Wool Blend Blanket

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New, old stock
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Soft, new surplus wool blanket from old stock with slight storage wear. Color reverses from brown on one side to cream on the other. Blanket stitched across the top and bottom to prevent fraying. 30% wool and 70% viscose. Approximately twin size at 59″ x 84″. Perfect for cabins and unexpected company.
We often see this blanket advertised online as an H3 branded Bulgarian Officer’s Blanket. However, we discovered the prominent “H3” lettering is an abbreviation for ‘National Health’ in Bulgaria. (See screenshot of translation.) What looks like the number ‘3’ in English is the letter ‘Z’ in Bulgarian.
Apparently the huge letters were added to deter people from stealing the military hospitals’ blankets! It is also rumored that this surplus is from the 1980s when Bulgaria was still under Communism. We can’t confirm that but it’s still interesting though!
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