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WWII Reenactment Links

Posted by Eddie Schmidt on Feb 13th 2008

Researching the Internet and consulting with some our customers who are reenactors, we found a wealth of information on this subject. There is way too much to post here but this is a sampling of what others are doing. If you know of a great resource that would benefit others, please feel free to send it to us.’s World War II Section contains articles, videos of mock battles, a list of reenacting organizations, a living history forum and much more. This website has sections for all historical reenactments from ancient times to the present.

The World War Two Living History Association in Britain has been preserving and displaying the equipment and weapons used in the North-West Europe Theater of Operations during WWII since 1978. Our best wishes for their 30th anniversary! They also organize reenactments for their members. They have a great photo album on their website including videos.

Hard Scrabble Farm’s website has some great material on their site. They have articles on how to pick a unit, how to make your bunkbed, a woman’s perspective on WWII reenacting, using a 1940s camera, uniform requirements, etc. Any information you need on equipment, vehicles, weapons, paperwork, basic training, you name it, they’ve got it. They also have a large selection of reenactment photos from around the U.S.

The Band of Brothers Living History Group’s website in the Netherlands/Belgium is an information base on all allied paratroopers, their gear, vehicles, uniforms and heritage. As long as you click on the U.S. flag on their home page you’ll be able to read most of it in English.

The Classic Independent Aviators from the 391 Squadron in the Netherlands aim to preserve the military aviation heritage used during WWI and WWII. [Update: They no longer have a website that we can find.]

The Living History Group Holland website has an article on the Battle of Arnhem in English. There are some cool photos elsewhere but unless you read Dutch, that’s about all you’ll get out of it. So you might enjoy their Facebook Page better since you can get it translated.

Visit Roberts Army traveling museum website for pictures of 10th Mountain Division equipment and reenactors using it.