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Who’s Behind Our Front Liners?

Who’s Behind Our Front Liners?

Posted by Eddie Schmidt on Apr 25th 2020

For all those who are on the Front Lines of COVID-19 — and there are many — each one is at a much higher risk of exposure. That’s a scary thought for anyone. Adding to that, a shortage of face masks that provide an element of much needed protection for those Front Liners, and we’ve doubled the scary factor.

Fortunately, in the midst of crisis, the human spirit rises to the occasion. One such person found a way to help those in need around her at the remote National Training Center in Fort Irwin, CA. Unable to purchase masks or appropriate fabric, Judith reached out to us at Billings Army Navy and look what she made!

It warms our hearts to see the resilience and ingenuity this pandemic is inspiring amongst us. Even though we are required to be further apart, and often find ourselves largely isolated, we still find ways to be there for each other.

Thank you, Judith. Keep shining on!

Judith’s Note to Us:

We are stationed at a remote Army post (the National Training Center) in the middle of the Mojave Desert at Fort Irwin, California. We were struggling to find supplies with the directive that our Soldiers (who are considered essential and still go to work), must wear masks when they cannot maintain social distancing. Our closest “supplier” is Walmart. Not only is it 45 minutes away but the shelves are bare.

Your material/fabric shipped quickly and was such high quality. I was able to get 33 lined masks and 4 children sizes out of the yard of material we purchased from you. I was giving them away as fast as I could make them so did not get a good photo of them all, but want to thank you!

Regards, Judith W.