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Outdoor Camp Kitchens Serve Up Large Groups

Outdoor Camp Kitchens Serve Up Large Groups

Posted by Eddie Schmidt on Jul 17th 2008

When you are trying to cook for a hungry group of folks in the great outdoors, the last thing you need is to be missing utensils, not have enough burners to cook with, or have cold food. To keep everything warm, you need food warmers, and yes they come included with outdoor camp kitchens. Everyone may not get back at the same time, and it’s always a challenge to have all your food finish cooking at the same time.

We recommend that you make it easy on yourself and get a high quality camp kitchen that is genuine military surplus. You can bet that the military has figured out how to feed hungry troops. You can take advantage of the planning they put into the design of these outdoor camp kitchens to satisfy the appetite of your clients.

If you host hunting parties, work as an outfitter, or cater to folks in the great outdoors, check out our portable stoves and other kitchen gear that will increase your ability to professionally serve your clients. Satisfied customers are well-fed customers. That’s a motto you can live with!