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Mickey Mouse Boots

Mickey Mouse Boots

Posted by Eddie Schmidt on Dec 18th 2007

These boots were developed by the military for cold weather and extreme cold weather conditions. Mickey Mouse Boots are the best cold weather boot in the world, ideal for hunting, ice fishing, snowmobiling, working construction and in the oil fields. They keep your feet warm all day long. It is recommended that you wear them with one pair of wool socks with the top of the sock folded over the top of the boot to avoid chafing.

Designed for Cold Weather
The Mickey Mouse boot has two layers of thick wool insulation that wick moisture along with an insulating air bladder made of two layers of rubber. The exterior of the boot is waterproof, made of heavy rubber. There is an air valve in the boot that should be kept closed during normal use. When flying at high altitudes the valve should be opened to allow pressure equalizations.

Foot Care and Comfort
Since your feet are well protected by the waterproof rubber, wool felt, and insulating bladder, your feet will sweat with activity. Bring several extra pair of wool socks to change periodically in order to keep your feet dry.

Two Temperature Ratings
Mickey Mouse Boots are black and rated for -20° in cold, wet, temperate winter climates with intermittent snow. Bunny Boots are white and rated for -60° in cold, dry climates with long-term snow and ice cover.

New and Used Mickey Mouse Boots in Stock
We keep new and used Mickey Mouse Boots and Bunny Boots in stock. Regular and wide sizes are almost always available and we sometimes have extra narrow, narrow and extra wide widths as well. Even if you don’t see your size, be sure to call us as inventory changes rapidly.