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Local Praise

Local Praise

Posted by Eddie Schmidt on Dec 11th 2019

We always strive to provide great customer service and Zach did just that when he offered to deliver a local customer's order on his way home during this Christmas season. It's not often we receive acknowledgement for going above and beyond the call of duty. That's why we are so stoked that Audrey and Nick took the time to praise Zach and our store so publicly!

Monday, December 9, 2019
Billings Gazette
Letter to the Editor

Shop local for excellent service

As I was reading my Sunday Gazette, I spotted this light blue 2019 Holiday Gift Guide catalog with local businesses and many Made in Montana items, along with the regular holiday ads. As I thumbed through it, I came across a ew things and placed my orders on the phone.

Shop local for excellent service at Billings Army Navy

Then I saw an item that seemed perfect for the four hunters in our family. I immediately picked up the phone and dialed the Billings Army Navy Surplus Store at 10 N. 29th St. and placed my order. I asked the gentleman (I believe he was Eddie Schmidt) if he could box them up and put them in the mail to me Monday morning. He said absolutely.

Come Monday morning, our phone rang and a very nice man named Zachary said he lives in the Heights area and could drop off my order on his way home, and could save me postage. When he arrived he was cheerful and courteous and even thanked me for telling him about a slick turn in the road.

I just had to write and say how much this courtesy meant to my husband and me. Most people in this hurry-up world only call to complain, not to compliment when something is right. Some businesses take your order, send it off to you, and that’s it. But here in Billings, we can and still do make a big difference in how we treat others. I really excelled with Billings Army Navy Surplus Store.

Audrey and Nick Stanislawek
Billings, Montana