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Great WW2 Museum in New Orleans!

Great WW2 Museum in New Orleans!

Posted by Eddie Schmidt on Jun 26th 2014

We just visited the World War II National Museum in New Orleans, and what an awe-inspiring experience!

As history buffs ourselves, we spent the entire day absorbing each and every exhibit that took us from ‘America Goes to War’, the ‘Train Car Experience’, ‘D-Day Invasion of Normandy’, ‘D-Day: The Landing Beaches’, the Pacific campaign... through to the ‘Stage Door Canteen’ where the Victory Belles paid tribute to all the WWII-era performers who helped entertain and inspire the troops during those dark, hard-fought days. We remembered through precise details of each display, moments of experiences from our fathers and great grandfathers — and it made us very proud to be Americans.

We discovered too, that many display pieces we saw in several exhibits, had also passed through our doors at Billings Army Navy Surplus, right here in Billings, Montana.

What an incredible salute, American history at its finest — and a museum not to be missed. We highly recommend adding this to your travel plans. It earned the 2013 Travelers Choice award, and is ranked #7 among the top museums in the U.S.

We know we’ll be back!

For more info, please visit the National World War II Museum website.

The Louisiana Memorial Pavillion
The Louisiana Memorial Pavilion. Photo Courtesy of The National WWII Museum.
The Home Front — one of many excellent displays.
‘The Home Front’ display. Photo Courtesy of The National WWII Museum.