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Filson Clothing Fan Names His Dog ‘Filson’!

Filson Clothing Fan Names His Dog ‘Filson’!

Posted by Eddie Schmidt on Jan 19th 2013

Meet Filson Clothing Fan, Kevin Ramsey

I’ve been a brand inspector for the state of Montana since 2002. Before this, I grew up and worked on ranches in southern Wyoming. I’ve always worked outside no matter what the weather. Up until about 9 years ago, I’d always relied on cotton layers covered by a heavy Carhartt coat to stay warm.

My dad had told me about Filson clothes, but I’d never thought too much about it, until one day we were in Billings Army Navy Surplus and found a blue and black Filson Mackinaw coat on the discontinued rack. My dad and my wife talked me into buying it. It was a great looking jacket, but I figured it would just hang in the closet.

That following fall I went elk hunting near Cooke City, Montana. It was raining and turning colder as I set up camp. The following morning there was about 6 inches of snow and was very cold. I was dressed in a heavy cotton undershirt, flannel shirt, heavy pullover sweatshirt, and fleece vest. By noon I was very cold and uncomfortable and thinking that I may need to start a fire.

I made it back to camp, and traded the heavy sweatshirt for my new Filson jacket, which I had never worn. There was an amazing change in my comfort almost immediately. I went from being very cold to extremely cozy in a matter of minutes. I wore that jacket the rest of my time there, and was amazed at how it performed. After that, I was sold on Filson wool garments.

Since that time, I have added a lot of Filson clothes to my wardrobe. I definitely have more than I need, but I have been way more comfortable in winter weather than ever before. I have tried other wool clothing brands as well, but have found nothing as good of quality, or as durable, as Filson wool. This also includes their waxed cotton clothing, especially Filson tin cloth.

I sometimes get teased a lot by my coworkers because of all my Filson clothing, but I can’t see myself wearing anything else if I can help it. You definitely get what you pay for with Filson products. By the way, that old blue and black Mackinaw coat is now faded quite a bit but it's still my favorite, and just as warm and cozy as when I first bought it.

If you work or play outdoors in cold weather, you’ll love Filson clothing just like Kevin. We outfit Filson clothes to hunters, farmers, ranchers, oil well workers, branding inspectors, and others all over the country. We carry some Filson clothes online but we really recommend you call us at (800) 653-8528 for a consultation for the best service.

Meet Kevin’s Dog, Filson — He’s a Fan of His Namesake Too!

Filson was born in July of 2011 in Jordan, Montana. He is half Australian Shepherd and half Kelpie. He was brought to Billings before he was 8 weeks old for a guy who wanted a stock dog. The guy decided he didn’t want him, and I was asked if I wanted a free dog. My wife and I brought him home a few days later.

It took us two days just to name him. I’ve been a huge Filson fan for several years, and we decided what better name for a dog that has proven to be extremely loyal, and who wants nothing more than to please his owners. He's only a year and a half old now, but he listens and minds like an older dog. He is very smart and well mannered, and he’s been easier to train than any dog I’ve ever had before.

Filson is colored like an Australian Shepherd, and I think he’s got the Australian Shepherd brain. He has short and smooth hair like a Kelpie, and has the Kelpie build as well. In my opinion he got the best of both worlds. Like me, Filson is also a big fan of Filson wool. Any time I get my Filson wool blanket out, he thinks it’s his. I guess we named him right.