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British Telephone Booth Becomes a Collectors Item

British Telephone Booth Becomes a Collectors Item

Posted by Eddie Schmidt on Jun 20th 2008

Since the development of cell phones, the red British telephone booth has become a relic. According to Jeffrey Stinson of USA Today, the Office of Communications in Britain reports there are 70 million mobile phones serving their population of 60 million. With this trend, the Royal British telephone booths have become collector items. With this in mind, we have brought two of these unique and rare phone booths to our store.

These cast iron booths include a mold of the British crown located at the top of all four sides. If you are looking for a unique item to put in your business, home or yard, this will definitely draw attention from those passing by. Their bright red exterior is a real eye catcher. These original booths date back to the 1940s and 50s and weigh 2,000 pounds each. They are definitely built to last.

Now is the time to obtain a historic British telephone booth as they are being taken out of circulation. Let us know if you want one for yourself, or to give as a gift. When I had the opportunity to bring two phone booths here, I just couldn’t help myself! [Update: Both booths are sold.]