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Dutch Military Cold Weather Sleeping Bag System

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Used, great condition
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This modular sleeping bag system will keep you warm down to –30° C (–22° F) when the sleeping bag is combined with both the liner and the bivy cover. It is also great for camping in wet weather, especially if you don’t have a tent or other shelter. All components are olive drab and approximately 84″ long and 30″ wide. Used, in great condition. Be sure to watch the review by a guy we found on YouTube on our Video tab. It’s very helpful!

Military Sleeping Bag (M90)

This mummy-style, Dutch army sleeping bag will keep you warm down to –20° C (–4° F) by itself if you don‘t need the bivy cover. It can be stored and carried in a compression bag (not included) while in use. Its quilted synthetic hollow-fill keeps your body warm and a drawstring on the hood tightens around your face retain heat in your head.

Sleeping Bag Materials

  • Outer layer: 100% Polyester
  • Inner layer: 76% viscose, 22% polyamide
  • Filling: 100% Polyester

Army Bivy Cover

If you don’t have a tent or other protection from the elements, insert the sleeping bag into the bivy cover and you’re set. Made of Gore-Tex (or similar material), it is breathable, windproof and waterproof. It prevents moisture from leaching into your sleeping bag from the ground. It keeps out wind, rain and snow. You’ll find dirt and mud are much easier to clean off a bivy cover than a sleeping bag!

Bivy Cover Features

  • Mummy-shaped head with pull-cord fastening
  • Half-length opening with Velcro flap closure
  • Large storm flap under opening to make it waterproof
  • Care: Wash 40° C (104° F), rinse well, and do not use fabric softener

Bivy Cover Material

  • Outer fabric: 100% nylon/polyamide
  • Membrane: PTFE (Teflon)
  • Inner Fabric: 100% nylon/polyamide
  • Tunnels Strips: nylon/polyamid and Polyurethane

Sleeping Bag Liner

The washable liner helps keep the sleeping bag clean just as sheets keep a bed mattress clean. It is a fabric bag that inserts inside the sleeping bag. It also provides a bit of extra insulation and comfort. It is easily removed as needed for washing. This reduces the need to wash the sleeping bag itself due to less soiling.

All components made by Feuchter in Ringelai, Germany.
‘KL’ on the labels is an abbreviation for ‘Koninklijke Landmacht’ — Dutch for the Royal Netherlands Army.

And what the heck is a ‘bivy’ or ‘bivvy’ anyway? Bivy is short for ‘Bivouac’ — something that all soldiers are familiar with!

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