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Camouflage Screening System (Woodland Camo Netting)

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Lightweight Camouflage Screen System (LCSS) for the U.S. Military

These woodland camo nets can be used alone or in combination to cover more area. In fact, one edge of the diamond-shaped net can be attached to one edge of the hexagon-shaped net. By combining nets of these two shapes, you can make almost any size and shape of camouflage area that you need.

These camo screens are made of lightweight, synthetic, water-resistant material. They are easy to transport and only take 20–25 minutes to set up.

Woodland Camo Screening Sysem Components

  • Hexagon-Shaped Camo Net: 32.2′ x 27.9′ (673.6 sq ft)
  • Diamond-Shaped Camo Net: 27.9′ x 16.1′ (224.5 sq ft)
  • Rubberized storage bag
  • Repair Kit including material for repairs

A Little Military History: These woodland camo nets are ‘radar transparent’ which means that they can be used for anything except avoiding radar detection. The U.S. military also used ‘radar scattering’ nets that had tiny pieces of steel embeded that would scatter the enemies radar to avoid detection. Obviously they couldn’t operate their own radar equipment with a radar scattering screen so they used a radar transparent screen like this one to cover their radar equipment. Radar transparent screens are designated as Type I and identified by a 5-sided tag attached to every other corner.

Note: Camouflage Support System is not included. If needed, check the related products below. You can also click this link to search our site for a Camouflage Support System to see if we have one in stock for separate purchase. Our inventory changes frequently so it is not feasible to link to them here. You are always welcome to call us too!

Store in a cool, dry place.
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