Boker USA is an indirect offshoot of a 17th century tool-making workshop that originated in Germany. The cornerstone of the Boker companies is the factory founded by Heinrich Boeker in Solingen, Germany in 1869. Boker has a very interesting history.

Boker USA no longer makes knives in the U.S. as the majority of Boker manufacturing moved back to the main plant in Solingen. It is there that Boker’s reputation for quality and craftsmanship began, and it is there that the tradition continues today.

To celebrate 140 years of crafting quality knives, Boker has been releasing a special edition collector’s knife every month of 2009. Each anniversary knife is limited to 140 pieces worldwide — the only exception is the popular camp knife which is limited to 1,869 pieces. Each knife has a serial number, a 140th anniversary logo, and a certificate.

Billings Army Navy Surplus is proud to carry these beautiful, high-quality knives and offer them to our customers. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this momentous occasion and take a look at Boker’s special edition knives. We’ll be surprised if you don’t add at least one to your collection!