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17' GP Small Tent with Poles - Used

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17' GP Small Tent with Poles - Used

This small general purpose tent, complete with pins and poles, is designed to be used as a command post, fire direction center, battalion aid station, or for any general purpose use. The tent is intended to be used in temperate and tropical climates; however, with the liner, it can be used effectively in cold climates.

The tent is a six-sided pyramidal tent, supported by a telescopic center pole and eight telescopic eave poles. A front and rear entrance is provided, each with a lacing flap arrangement to permit vestibule attachment or the erection of tents in tandem.
• Height: peak height, 10′ 6″; eave height 5′
• Length: each side of the tent is 8′ 9″
• Width: hexagonal floor of the tent is 17′ 6″ in diameter
• Weight: tent, 116 pounds; liner, 28 pounds; pins and poles, 47 pounds
• Cube: 8 cubic feet
• Material: canvas

Two doors, 7′ high on opposite sides, permit tents to be joined together with suitable access from one to the other. Door flaps can be securely closed either by slide fasteners or by loops over wooden toggles. The doors are operated from both inside and outside.

The tent is ventilated by six ventilators. Four ventilators have inside ducts, which can be closed by tie cords. These ventilators have hoods of the fixed type, each hood being constructed with a stiffener inserted in the hem to keep it extended out from the ventilator opening. The other two ventilators consist of nonmetallic mesh insect screens and opening flaps with ventilator tie lines.

The tent is meant to be heated by an M-1950 Yukon stove. A stovepipe opening is built in one side of the tent near the eave. When the stove is not in use, the opening can be closed by securing stovepipe opening flaps to the tent with tie tapes.

There is a snow cloth sewed to the bottom of each side of the tent. When the tent is pitched, the snow cloths are flat on the ground on the outside of the tent. Snow is deposited on the snow cloths for insulation purposes.

Two screen doors are provided; they may be attached to the front and rear of the tent for protection against insects.

Sock lines are provided for drying clothing and equipment.

A fire-resistant liner, made of 5.2-ounce permeable cotton cloth, is provided to insulate the tent and to prevent frost from falling on the occupants. The liner is held in place by metal toggles.

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