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U.S. Army Improved Combat Shelter (ACU)

SKU: 4222
Sales price: $299.95
Original Price: $299.95


New, never used, ACU camouflage, one person size, double walled, free standing, consists of shelter body, rain fly (attached), support poles, ground stakes, carry bag and field repair kit, made of lightweight, durable ripstop nylon with a black rubber backing to block the light from coming in or out, stops infrared signature, flame resistant, provides protection from rain, wind and snow in climates ranging from basic cold through tropical heat without leaking or collapsing, main body design is open front with a slight overhang to shelter the entrance, front entrance is double sipped, NO-SEE-UM insect netting and waterproof panel so the panel can be opened to allow air and light without insects, grommets at the corners, floor measures 100″ x 40″, carrying weight 6.5 pounds.UPC: 610953141837
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