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MRE - Main Course

SKU: M47
Sales price: $4.95
Original Price: $4.95


Meals Ready to Eat, MRE - Main Course

Choose from one main course:

  1. Shredded Beef in BBQ Sauce
  2. Beef Taco Filling (sold out)
  3. Beef Stew
  4. Chili Macaroni
  5. Penne Pasta with Veggies
  6. Brisket Entree- Gravy w/ Seasoned Beef Brisket Slices
  7. Pork Sausage in Creamy Gravy
  8. Marinara Sauce w/ Meatballs
  9. Grilled Jalapeno Pepper Jack Flavored Beef Patty
  10. Rib Shaped BBQ Flavor Pork Patty
  11. Southwest Style Beef & Black Beans w/ Sauce
  12. Garlic and Herb Chicken Breast (white meat)
  13. Asian Style Beef Strips w/ Veggies and Sauce
  14. Chili w/ Beans
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