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U.S. Army Vietnam Era Small Detachment Cooking Outfit

SKU: 4170
Sales price: $999.95
Original Price: $999.95


New, never used, Vietnam era, still in original wood crate, "designed for use of isolated detachments of troops numbering anywhere from fifteen to forty, depending on type of ration served.  It is designed for compactness and lightness permitting it to be easily stored in any motor vehicle and easily carried", the lower stove section is insulated, the top half consists of a windshield and a cover to facilitate frying operations, it will burn leaded or unleaded gasoline, kerosene, light diesel oil and crankcase drippings mixed with gasoline in emergencies, it uses about one-third of a gallon of fuel an hour and burns completely smoke-free on gasoline or kerosene with those two fuels (smoke is a sign of fuel wastage).

Complete with:

  • Gravity feed adapter (5 gal can)
  • Burner hose, pipe, frying pan, sterilizing pan, 6 qt cooking pot, 11 qt cooking pot, 13.5 qt cooking pot
  • Canvas bag with spare parts
  • Oil burner wrenches
  • Cutlery bag, brush, 1 qt dipper, 15″ ladle, salt n pepper shakers, 15″ cake turner, cutlery roll, 15″ fork, 10″ knife, paring knife, can opener, 15″ spoon, sharpening stone
  • Technical Bulletin (TB) 10-400-2, instructions.  

MFR- Chrysler Airtemp, excellent for re-enactors, collectors, film producers.

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